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On the Edge

a "pro depression" community

(no subject)
this is a great idea and I hope it grows into a wonderful community...

I am 23 and have depression sometimes since I was 15. I recommend a book called "Care of the Soul," which gives great praise and value to the periods of depression in our life.

ooh this is a beautiful community site, did you design it yourself?
i'm yet undecided how often i'll be posting here, but i would love to see it flourish regardless. let other depression communities know of this as well.. since it is a refreshing perspective, i wouldn't be surprised in the least if other livejournalers were interested in joining.

what this community is (and isn't) for
you can use this community to talk about life, how you feel, how you want to feel. talk about things that make you unique. talk about ways that depression or mental "illness" has changed your life, for good or bad. talk about your friends and family. talk about anything really. however, this community is supposed to be about alternative ways to live with depression, either by just getting by, being ok with being "crazy", or embracing it, so please no in depth medication/therapist/hospitalization talk unless it plays a big part in your background and want to mention it. but i see this community as being a place to talk about things that might be taboo for people who don't deal with the stuff we do. a place where you can talk about getting addicted to being depressed (a lot of you know what that means), or your habits or things you enjoy that people who aren't depressed might not understand (like how i LOVE tanning and extreme sports because it makes me feel ALIVE, whereas other people only see it as being stupid and dangerous and dont get that im not really afraid to die, im afraid to feel like im not living). peace and love to everyone!:-)

first post
This is kind of a mission statement for this community, I put it in the bio too:
For all those who are sick of people treating them like they are sick and pitiful because they have depression. For those who have chosen to embrace their dark side and use it. For those who are sick of being called "mentally ill". For those who feel like themselves when they are a little depressed. For those who are sick of communities where people discuss their medications and therapists. For those who say, hey, I'm obviously this way for a reason, so I'm gonna go with it.
This is a community for those who choose to embrace their so-called 'mental illnesses'. Depression is a serious issue, but for some it is a way of life no matter what, and we can find ways to make it beautiful, harness its creative side, and help each other deal with everything that comes along with it.

I am sick of being "sick". I don't take meds, I don't feel like myself when I'm on them. I've come to realize that depression isn't some disease I 'have', it's part of who I AM. Yeah, I have a darker outlook on life, so what? The world is a hard place. You're better having a realistic outlook and not getting screwed. Sometimes I think WE are the healthy ones, the ones who see life for what it really is.

I use my depression as a vehichle to live on the edge. I have no fear because I've already been so low, I've already wanted to die, I've already hit rock bottom, so now everything seems like an adventure. I go rock climbing without ropes, I FEEL music and the emotion behind it, I walk alone all night.

We're not here to judge how you live your life. If you don't want meds, GOOD for you. If you like a little darkness, that's fine. I was inspired to start this communtiy by research I did for a psych class (yeah I'm a psych major haha what else does a clinically depressed person major in?). I researched pro ana websites (run by people with aneorexia) and how they work. I was interested. Here people were complaining about them, petitioning to have them taken down, but I loved them. I said, now this is what we have to do. These people supported each other's lives. The times I feel best is when I'm talking to someone who KNOWS WHAT I'M going through and doesn't judge. When I find someone else who's HAPPY to be fucked up a little. Like reading Girl, Interrupted or Prozac Nation. You realize you aren't alone. You also realize, there's definitely more to it than "an illness", there's an art, a seduction, an addiction to the darkness. You realize you aren't the only one who's gotten "better" but felt worse than before and wanted to go back to how it was.

That's about all I can think of for now. Please feel free to join and post.